Original Mystery Machine

  Scooby Doo "Where are you?"

We are available for public or private appearances.  We have been asked to transport people for weddings, proms, Halloween events and so on but since we only have seats in the front this is not possible according to Illinois State Law, others States may vary. 

The cost for an appearance depends on the circumstances.  Our cost is generally about .60 a mile to and from Auburn, IL for the van and an additional $100 if we trailer it, which is done at our discretion.  Additional costs for hotel expense may be needed depending on location and time of the event.  There is no talent fee if we were planning on attending the event or if Lost Limbs Foundation is allowed to set up a booth for support.  We also have a Scooby Doo costume that can be used by someone at your event at a cost of $35, basically this takes care of the cleaning for the next usage. 

For more information on this you can email at robbin@midwestclassicins.com or call 217-899-9978.