Original Mystery Machine

  Scooby Doo "Where are you?"

Ashmore Estates - One of the scariest and most haunted locations in Illinois.  If you love the paranormal you will love Ashmore Estates.  Who knows you might see the Mystery Machine out there as well investigating with Mystery Inc.

Roads Hotel - One of the best haunted locations in Central Illinois.  Roads is just north of Indianapolis and is available for your paranormal experiences around the year as there is heat in the building.  Want to spend the night, no problem they offer overnight packages there as well.

Lost Limbs is a charity that is very close to us.  The charity helps amputee children with prosthetics or additional expenses the family may incur.  We travel quite often with them to help bring awareness to the charity at the events we are invited to.  We hope you will check them out and make any type of donation you can to help them help others.